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Jan 24 2012

Why Should You NOT Seek Venture Capital?

by John Gordon | 14:01 GMT

Venture capitalists come with expectations that most small businesses cannot possibly meet. They expect that the company will be sold off within about five years, and that one in ten of their companies will score ten times their original investment, a few others will do ok, and most will fail outright. It is the companies […]

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Dec 29 2011

LLCs are for Lazy People

by John Gordon | 15:12 GMT

Don’t take this wrong; most people are lazy in some way while they focus on more important things like family, friends, TV, movies, tweeting, Facebooking, or even working on their business. Lazy people don’t like to keep minutes, hold meetings, and generally follow many formalities. Who can blame them? Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are perfect for […]

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May 21 2010

It’s FBAR time again for all US resident persons

by John Gordon | 17:05 GMT

Every US person, including corporation, LLC, trust, partnership or anything or anyone that calls the US home under tax law has an obligation to report bank or financial accounts if the total of these accounts exceeds USD 10,000. The actual terminology used by the IRS is rather convoluted, but if you or your company is […]

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May 10 2010

10 Slide Fund Raising Powerpoint

by John Gordon | 05:05 GMT

Looking for funding for your startup? You’ll need to state the basic value proposition for your business. Here a summary of what the angel investors and venture capitalists would like to see – no more no less: 1. your team 2. what your product/service does 3. what issue/pain is it looking to solve/address 4. what […]