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Aug 29 2013

The Founder’s Challenge: Can You Work By Yourself?

by John Gordon | 23:08 GMT

Very early stage startup and small business founders face a key challenge: ability to work by yourself. For people working in the corporate world, it seems like to heaven to have the ability to work without someone monitoring your performance, to be able to choose your own…


May 06 2012

How is a startup different from a small business?

by John Gordon | 21:05 GMT

One of the great resources for entrepreneurs on the web is Y-Combinator’s library of articles for startups. Included among the articles is a great piece on getting funding for a startup, part of which discusses the difference between a “startup” and a “small business:” A company has to be more than small and newly founded […]


Jan 24 2012

Why Should You NOT Seek Venture Capital?

by John Gordon | 14:01 GMT

Venture capitalists come with expectations that most small businesses cannot possibly meet. They expect that the company will be sold off within about five years, and that one in ten of their companies will score ten times their original investment, a few others will do ok, and most will fail outright. It is the companies […]

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