Virtual Office Service

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Virtual Office Service

Features of Virtual Office Service include:

  • Prestigious suburban New York address
  • Mail forwarding by scan/email or post
  • New York City phone number, with calls forwarded to your office
  • New York City fax number, with faxes forwarded by email
  • Use of conference room in our facilities for 2 hours per month (subject to availability)


5 Great Reasons to use our Virtual Office Service

1. Reduce Business Risk – Starting a new company from scratch is time-consuming, exhausting, and above all, risky. In the first years of a business enterprise, it may not make sense to get locked into an expensive lease until absolutely necessary. For non-resident-owned firms looking to expand into the US market, it may not even make sense to open an actual office. In these situations, a virtual office will be a low-risk way to test the concept and delay spending a lot of money until the market has been developed.

2. Conserve Cash – Finding the right location for your new business can chew up time while you are developing the critical foundations of your business. During the time between setting up your company and when you are large enough to require a full office, a virtual office can provide the legitimacy of a well-established business. Quarterly and annual plans are available to keep you within budget.

3. Marketing Image – Having your first location near New York City’s Silicon Alley is a startup marketer’s dream. For non-resident-owned business that may not need a physical presence, this address holds great value  as a prestigious location.

4. Increased Efficiency – Our Virtual Office Service combines our Mail Forwarding Service with a New York phone number that forwards calls to the  phone number that you designate (subject to legal restrictions), and also the forwarding of fax messages as well. In many cases, this service is more efficient than having mail or phone calls sent directly to the home office.

5.Conference Rooms for Meetings – Basic Virtual Office Service comes with two hours per month of conference room time for meeting with clients and providers, subject to availability. Since our office is easy to get to, and is also nicely decorated, your customers and providers will be very impressed.