Incorporation Service

The Professionals the Professionals Trust. 35+ years helping US and non-US entrepreneurs set up US companies quickly and accurately.

USA Corporate Services provides incorporation services across all 50 States and the District of Columbia. Fast, dependable and cost-efficient.

Steps to company formation


  1. Choose State of Incorporation
  2. Choose Entity Type
  3. Choose your company’s name
  4. Select a registered agent
  5. For corporations, determine maximum number of shares to authorize
  6. Complete any other necessary requirements for the state you have chosen
  7. Prepare and file formation document to state Secretary of State or other filing officer
  8. Obtain proof of filing from filing officer
  9. Obtain federal tax number (Employer Identification Number/EIN) from Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


Our specialty is helping you get through the steps of formation quickly and painlessly. Order online or use our convenient orders forms for fast, efficient service.

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