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Why Work At USA Corporate Services?

At USA Corporate Services, we’re building companies that will change the way the USA does business. Our employees solve problems that affect our global base of customers every day in a professional, fast-paced yet laid-back environment. Everybody is treated as teammates and adults, so there is no micromanaging.


To be the #1 Resource for Foreign Companies and Entrepreneurs Coming to the US.


Honesty & Integrity

Clear, non-deceptive pricing. Telling the truth to customers (and each other)


Customers know that when we say we will do something we will, and in the time frame given


World-class, clean documentation. Speedy and Accurate Service


Trusted Advisor: Helping with the mandatory nuisances of properly
registering a company


Looking for ways to bring value to the customer


Combining learning across different industries, different processes, different regions of the world to come up new ideas, new products and new ways of doing business


USA Corporate Services is an adventure in helping entrepreneurs from around the country and around the world get their new US business started.

When you work here, you’ll learn about the different types of US companies, the quirks of filing documents in different states, and how the needs of our customers relate to what is possible. You will get in-depth training on the nitty-gritty of starting a company, from concept to post-execution.

It is not always exciting work. In fact, our mission here as a company is to relieve our customers from the burdens of learning how to set up a company, while giving them realistic expectations on the speed and cost of filing and related matters. Depending on the staff position, you may be working directly with customers and helping them as best as possible without giving legal or accounting advice. In many cases, you will work with accountants and lawyers, and help them help their clients.

We’re a small business, with a tight-knit team. This means you will be a contributing member of the company from your first day.

Knowledge of and curiosity about the outside world is helpful, since we have customers from every continent, and each month have web visitors from over 100 different countries.


Our office is currently located in midtown Manhattan. Getting to and from the office is easy with subway or bus. Our office is colorful and brightly lit, and very comfortable. While the pace is fast and the demands are many, we try to avoid a high-pressure, boiler room atmosphere.

In August, 2022, our office will be moving to Great Neck, NY. The location is a short walk from the Great Neck Long Island Railroad Station, and will also have free parking for employees in the building.


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