To stay in compliance when you set up and maintain your US company as a non-resident you should consider our company secretarial service.


Company Secretary Service

When setting up a company, keeping the company in compliance with its local laws, including holding annual meetings and filing mandatory reports is critical. Failure to file reports and taxes, and to maintain proper ledgers, can leave the company vulnerable to fines, to being struck off the register and possibly even lose its limited liability status. To help non-residents set up and maintain their US companies in compliance we offer our company secretarial service.

As a supplement to our registered agent service, our Company Secretary service provides your company with:

  • Maintenance of registers of shareholders, directors and officers as required by law
  • Dealing with transfers of shares and issues of share certificates
  • Reminders to file annual state filings where required
  • Holding records of corporate resolutions and other administrative records required by law

Using our company secretary service helps you to protect your company and maintain its status. Contact us today to learn how your can protect your US company from expensive compliance problems.