Learn more about setting up a US company as a non-resident, and avoid these costly mistakes.

Based on our 35+ years of experience helping non-US residents set up businesses in the US, this FREE eBook explains the most common mistakes, and provides solutions in clear and concise language. If you are just starting your research into setting up a US company, this eBook will help you understand the basics.

In this brief but informative book, you will learn about:

  • Choosing a state and entity for your new company
  • How taxes in the US work
  • Business visas
  • Opening a bank account in the US
  • The hidden cost of “low cost”

To build a successful business, you will need to focus on building up your business. Don’t waste your time fixing avoidable problems. Complete the form below to download this eBook and prepare yourself to set up a business in the US the right way.

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