Mail Forwarding Service will Boost your image with a business address in New York City


Mail Forwarding Service

Enhance your new company formation. If you want to work from your home, and don’t feel comfortable using your address as your publicly-disclosed address, if your local mail service is less than consistent, if you would rather list an address in Manhattan than your community as the location for your business, our mail forwarding service is for you.

Available using our address in New York City, your mail will be received and forwarded by scan/email or forwarded unopened through courier service, at your preference. This is a great opportunity for our international clients who have a need for a US address or US companies looking to expand to the East Coast.

The annual fee for mail forwarding is $450.00 for the first 100 pieces of mail. For each additional 100 pieces of mail there will be an added charge of $125.00.