WHO we are and When we started

The roots of USA Corporate Services go back to 1983, when the original company was founded by John P. Gordon. One of the first deals for the company was helping a group of Canadian entrepreneurs incorporate in the US and register to do business in several states. This early case represents what USA Corporate Services provides its customers on a daily basis: providing fast, cost-effective and convenient company formation, consulting and management services for non-residents as well as US residents.

WHAT we stand for

We believe that entrepreneurship is vital to the US economy, and that it is vital to support both domestic entrepreneurs and non-US resident companies and entrepreneurs who want to invest in our economy, hire people, and drive innovation and progress. To that purpose, we are driven to come up with solutions to get startups started quickly, inexpensively and with the least fuss.

WHY us

– Our experience over many years with a diverse clientele means you save time and money

– Answers to your questions!

– Utilize our extensive network of experts to get the job done right


What our Customers are saying about us

“I bought an LLC from USA Corporate Services and they helped every step of the way, from purchasing the company to setting up our EIN.  … I have since been back with questions about my business, and even though they could not actually assist me in my requests, they answered all of my questions to the best of their ability and even offered suggestions on how to move forward on my end.  This was all after my payment had gone through and they didn’t have to offer any help.  USA Corporate went above and beyond – thank you!” – Jennifer, Danos LLC

“As I was conducting research on setting up a US company, USA Corporate Services was the only site that provided me with such a detailed response. I was able to get answers and explanations for my questions. They helped me decide what type of company I should form. My company was formed very quickly as they promised. I would definitely recommend USA Corporate Services to those who want to form US companies, especially to nonresidents because they really help you.”  – Darren Waite, Frontier Distribution USA Inc., Australia

“USA Corporate Services has a friendly staff that really pays attention to their customers. At first I thought their prices were a bit high, but I would rather know my company is formed properly then having any problems. They really helped me avoid a costly mistake by letting me know that I shouldn’t form an LLC, but a corporation. They referred me to a tax accountant who really helped me and also told me an LLC for a Canadian is a bad idea. That really ensured the level of knowledge the USA Corporate Services staff has. They really pay attention and answer all my questions in a timely manner, even after I incorporated my company.” – Richard Sharabura, Cellex-C America Corp, Canada

I was looking to form a LLC and in my research I was communicating with several online companies that offered the services to setup a LLC. I choose US Corporate Services for a couple of reasons but primarily for the high level of personal communication I was receiving. My emails were responded to quickly and in detail, unlike some of the other similar online companies that would give me vague responses that wouldn’t answer my questions. Before I paid for their services I requested contact via telephone with them again no issues and happy to be of service. US Corporate Services is not the cheapest online company out there but I would rather pay a little more and have peace of mind that the job will be done correctly. Finally, the post sale service has been exceptional I have had several requests that have been responded to promptly. I would like to personally thank Vanessa Marrufo for putting up with a very demanding client but now a very loyal client.  – Matthew Atkinson, MVP Central LLC

“I enjoyed the approach that Vanessa’s USA Services team delivered for my company setup. They each demonstrated good practical advice and where necessary appropriate leads for further investigation. The timeline they promised was achieved in my company setup.” –  Nick, Diaxi Inc.