A registered agent is required in almost every US state. Our registered agent service can help you meet this requirement in any state.


Registered Agent Services

A registered agent, also known as a resident agent or statutory agent, is a business or individual designated to receive service of process (SOP) when a business entity (such as a corporation or limited liability company) is a party in a legal action such as a lawsuit or summons. Having a registered agent and registered address within the state of formation is a requirement to form a new company. When an existing company applies for authority to do business in another state, it will also need registered agent service in that other state. The registered agent’s address may also be where the state will send annual reports, annual tax notices, or other notice, for the yearly renewal of the business entity’s charter. The registered agent for a business entity may be an individual member of the company, or (more often) a third party, such as the organization’s lawyer or a service company. Failure to properly maintain a registered agent can affect a company negatively by leading to a loss of goodstanding status and ability to legally carry on business.

With the exception of the State of New York, state laws require corporations and LLCs to maintain a registered agent in any state that a company does business. The agent’s name and office address are included in the articles of incorporation to give public notice of where to send important documents to your business entity.

If your company is incorporated in a state where you’re doing business, an officer, director, or employee can act as your corporation’s registered agent. When there is no one from the company working in the state of incorporation or registration (which often happens for companies incorporated in Delaware), then a professional registered agent should be used. The registered agent is responsible for receiving and important legal and tax documents including: service of process, franchise tax forms and annual report forms.

Please note that the address of the registered agent is not the “registered address” of the company, nor is it the “principal place of business” of the company, except where the company is acting as its own registered agent.

Appointing USA Corporate Services as your registered agent allows your company the assurance that these critical documents are handled correctly and efficiently. With 30 years of experience assisting clients with their incorporation needs, we can assure you of prompt, efficient and friendly service.

Registered Agent service includes:

  • Forwarding any official documents or tax notices from the Secretary of State.
  • Accepting any legal service of process and forwarding it on to your company.