What are the cost to establish a corporation or an LLC?
What should I consider?
How does the formation agent provide value?
What is the advantage to start in Delaware?


Cost to set up a Corporation or LLC

The cost to set up a corporation or LLC depends on what level of service you need. If you are a do-it-yourselfer you can set up a new company on your own, and just pay the filing fees. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn corporate procedures, it will be more cost-effective to use a company formation specialist. When you rely on the skill and experience of a seasoned company formation firm, you will benefit by having your set up handled properly and efficiently.

Using A Company Formation Agent

Using a company formation agent involves paying fees, but can be a good value for you. A good Company Formation Agent with help you by:

  • Knowing the requirements and advising you on how to avoid mistakes and delays
  • Referring you to qualified legal, accounting or other help when needed
  • Reviewing your documents to make sure they will work the first time
  • Letting you know when it makes sense to have your documents expedited
  • Avoiding regulatory problems
  • Taking care of needs you didn’t know you had – procedures that must be followed but are not well documented on a Secretary of State website

Every state has its own laws, fees, requirements and time frames. This means that either you or your provider needs to know how things work in the state where you’ll be doing business, and the proper way to proceed.

The Levels of Service

Basic: File it yourself. Go to the website of the state government where you’ll be doing business, and follow the instructions you find there. Obtain a Federal tax number from the IRS, complete your organizational minutes or operating agreement, and you’re in business.

The Standard of USA-Corporate: The complete service that includes company formation, obtain your federal tax number, prepare the organizational minutes and bylaws or operating agreement and up to 3 share certificates, all Fedexed to you after completion.

Not a US-Resident?: No problem! We have over 29 years experience helping non-US residents set up a company in the USA. Since your situation requires more guidance than that of a US resident, please contact us for your free incorporation consultation.

Where do you want to take your business?

Are you seeking venture capital, angel investment or private equity? If so, incorporating in Delaware from the beginning can simplify your life later on. Delaware’s laws and legal system are very attractive to investors and their legal advisors. Starting with a Delaware entity means continuity and simplicity, for a small additional cost. To learn more about why Delaware is a great place to incorporate your company, click here.