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Apr 24 2019

The curious case of Citgo Petroleum Corporation and the Future of Venezuela

by John Gordon | 21:04 GMT

The US government has moved to prevent the government of Venezuela from profiting from its largest and most profitable foreign asset: Citgo Petroleum Corporation. Citgo is a US C-corporation owned by the Venezuelan state-owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA. The rival Venezuelan government, led by the head of the National Assembly, Juan […]

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Oct 27 2009

From my Irish Colleague, Sean Kavanaugh

by John Gordon | 09:10 GMT

Did you know… …that, in Ireland, the most common Director firstname is John and surname is Murphy? Or that the most common Director star sign is Cancer and the most common Director postcode is Dublin 4? So if you’re name is John Murphy, you live in Dublin 4 and have a birthday sometime between 22nd […]