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Oct 31 2013

The Home-made Free MBA in Entrepreneurship

by John Gordon | 20:10 GMT

If you’ve decided to start your entrepreneurial journey, there are certain skills that are necessary in order to survive. Since each person is different, and has already has certain skills while lacking in others, it’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all solution. However, leveraging the resources of the major universities and the wisdom of successful entrepreneurs, […]

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Oct 16 2013

5 Rules for Staying in Business

by John Gordon | 19:10 GMT

Over the past few decades of being in business, I’ve seen a lot of companies come and go. We help people form companies every day, and all start with bright prospects. Yet most do not survive, regardless of the credentials of the founders, the amount of capital invested, the location of the business and all […]

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Aug 29 2013

The Founder’s Challenge: Can You Work By Yourself?

by John Gordon | 23:08 GMT

Very early stage startup and small business founders face a key challenge: ability to work by yourself. For people working in the corporate world, it seems like to heaven to have the ability to work without someone monitoring your performance, to be able to choose your own…


Aug 29 2013

Top Twelve List of TED Talks For Entrepreneurs

by John Gordon | 23:08 GMT

Mark Hayes: “Many of the presentations, known as TED Talks, present ideas that are particularly valuable to entrepreneurs. I put together a collection of TED Talks that all entrepreneurs, including ecommerce store owners, should find interesting and worthwhile.”