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Sep 10 2013

Delaware Annual Reports Due March 1

by John Gordon | 14:09 GMT

March 1 Deadline for filing Delaware Annual Reports for Corporations

March 1 is the annual deadline for filing corporation annual reports and paying the franchise tax.

Due Date and Late Penalties
Corporation Annual Reports are due March 1st. Late reports will result in the Delaware Division of Corporations assessing a $100 penalty in addition to tax and annual report fee, plus interest. The state will not issue Good Standing Certificates for corporations that have not met the annual report filing requirements.

Online Filing of Annual Reports is Mandatory
Delaware law requires annual reports to be filed online. If you would like us to file online on your behalf, please contact us at [email protected], and we will guide you through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Annual Reports – Dissolutions and Mergers
Note that annual reports must be filed prior to all dissolution and merger filings. In Delaware, an annual report is due for any entity that exists at any time during a year, so that on January 1, any entity that existed on December 31 (the day before) now owes TWO years annual taxes. In order for an entity to merge or dissolve, it must have paid both the prior year’s tax and filed the prior year’s return, it must also pay the current year’s tax as well.

Minimum Tax Increase for Delaware Corporations using the Assumed Par Value Method
For Delaware corporations in existence in 2010, the minimum annual tax for using the assumed par value method has increased to $350.00. Corporations using the Authorized Shares method have a minimum tax of $75.00.

Need Help To File Your Annual Report?
Haven’t file your report yet? Don’t wait, the penalties are expensive and grow every day if you are late! Call TODAY (800)888-4360 (+1 212 239 5050 from outside the US) to find out how to get your filing done quickly and easily! Or, use our REQUEST FREE QUOTE FORM to get your free quote and find out you can get your report filed quickly and easily!



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