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Apr 29 2010

Do you need to wait for a co-founder for your startup?

by John Gordon | 13:04 GMT

There is a lot discussion among entrepreneurs and their advisers about whether one should simply start a business alone, or find one or more co-founders who can bring additional talents and resources to the table. Jobs and Wozniak, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the list goes on and on of situations where there was a […]

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Apr 29 2010

What is the liability protection of an LLC? How do you maintain and protect it?

by John Gordon | 07:04 GMT

There is much literature praising the benefits of LLCs as a new business form for the small to medium-size business owner. LLCs are indeed an advantageous business model because, unlike corporations, profits and losses can pass directly through to the owner’s personal income tax return while the owner’s personal assets are shielded from liability. But this protection is not unlimited, and if the owners of an LLC do not take adequate precautions, they can find themselves facing a potential lawsuit without the benefit of having their personal assets protected from a judgment against the LLC.


Oct 27 2009

From my Irish Colleague, Sean Kavanaugh

by John Gordon | 09:10 GMT

Did you know… …that, in Ireland, the most common Director firstname is John and surname is Murphy? Or that the most common Director star sign is Cancer and the most common Director postcode is Dublin 4? So if you’re name is John Murphy, you live in Dublin 4 and have a birthday sometime between 22nd […]


Sep 17 2009

A new age of “transparency” for non-residents: doing business in the US requires disclosing your foreign bank accounts

by John Gordon | 14:09 GMT

This is from the IRS website: Q. A non resident alien who doesn’t meet the 183 day test is a partner in a US partnership where the US partnership deals with rentals; must he file an FBAR? A. With the October 2008 revision to the FBAR form and instructions, FBARs are now required by nonresidents […]

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