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Jun 02 2020

Civil Unrest Has Closed Government Filing Offices Temporarily

by John Gordon | 14:06 GMT

Protests, demonstrations and occasional violence have disrupted normal state-level government functions in several states this week. At this time (June 2, 2020), the filing offices for new businesses are affected:

  • Arizona Secretary of State, which files UCC documents among other functions, remains closed.
  • Arizona Corporation Commission, where corporations, LLCs and other entities are filed, will be closing at 4pm June 2, for the remainder of the week.
  • California Secretary of State remains closed. Expedited processing remains suspended.
  • Ohio Secretary of State is closed until Thursday, June 4.
  • Texas Secretary of State remains closed.

Around the country, due to the coronavirus threat many filing offices already have staff working remotely to process orders previously delivered.
Paper filings cannot be submitted when the offices are closed. While of course you can mail stuff in, don’t expect any response for quite some time. Electronic filing services remain unaffected.


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