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Apr 23 2009

LLC v Business Corporation

by John Gordon | 11:04 GMT

LLCs and corporations are different in more ways than just letter combination. Each derived from different types of laws, and therefore come with significant baggage. Corporations, owned by shareholders and ruled by a Board of Directors through hired officers, are the result of centuries of entrepreneurs using other people’s money to produce profits. This led […]

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Apr 22 2009

Choice of State and expanding to new locations

by John Gordon | 11:04 GMT

Often we get asked, where should we incorporate? What’s all this about Delaware? Here’s our rules of thumb: If you just have one location, and sell locally, you’re probably best off incorporating in your state, acting as your registered agent. (Standard rule applies, of course: get a good lawyer and a good accountant first, before […]

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Apr 17 2009

Husband and Wife LLC members: is it a partnership?

by John Gordon | 10:04 GMT

If a husband and wife are both members of an LLC and file their (US) tax return jointly, are they considered one taxpayer or two? If they are one taxpayer, it would mean that the LLC is a single-member LLC, and therefore a disregarded entity who need only add the LLC’s profits and losses on […]

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