Corporate Outfits Corporate Seals and Stock Certificates

Don’t Risk Losing Your Vital Corporate Records!

Every company needs to preserve records of its formation, bylaws or operating agreement, federal tax number, board meetings and other vital records. Using a corporate outfit will help you to organize all your company records in an easy to use (and easy to find) place. Corporate outfits come in a variety of styles to fit all budgets and tastes.

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Every Corporate Outfit from USA Corporate Services comes complete with the

  • Corporate Seal.
  • 20 Custom printed stock certificates numbered and imprinted with corporate names and authorized issue.
  • Stock Transfer Ledger.
  • 50 blank sheets or printed minutes and by-laws.
  • Special forms w/review of Sub-Chapter S Election, medical and dental reimbursement plans, Section 1244 forms, annual meeting forms.
  • Indexed section for Articles, Minutes, By-laws, Certificates, Transfer Ledger, and S-Section/Forms.
  • Customized binder and matching slipcase.


Product Product Name Retail Price
Thrift (vinyl) Corp. Kit 85.00 89.00
E-Kit – Electronic corporate outfit 55.00
Corporate/Notary Seals 35.00
Book of 20 Stock Certificates 39.00
Customize your corporate share certificates with special clauses for professional corporations, Securities Act and for specific state requirements. Call us at (212)239-5050 or send us your request for quote for specific corporate needs for immediate help with your specific situation.
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