New York LLC Total Package

When you form your LLC in New York, you will need to comply with the publication requirement. Complying with the LLC Law in New York is a unfair burden on small businesses, because the law does not set a limit on how much newspapers can charge you for publishing your notice of formation. As a money-saving solution, USA Corporate Services has the package that makes compliance easy, convenient and low-cost

By designating the office of the company in Albany County, with the process address in Albany, your company is set up to publish in low-cost Albany County. We pass along the savings to you, saving you hundreds of dollars – money available for all the other necessary expenses of setting up your business.

Our LLC Total Package is only $1,000.00, including:

  • Name availability search
  • Prepare and file Articles of Organization
  • Expedited 24-hour filing at the NY Secretary of State, with USA Corporate Services as the address for process
  • Obtain NYS Filing Receipt as proof of filing of your LLC
  • Preparation and placement of mandatory Notice of Formation in 2 Newspapers in Albany County, as required by NYS LLC law.
  • Preparation and filing of Certificate of Change to update your address to your location, after one week of publication, and resign as registered agent
  • Obtain affidavits of publication from newspapers after completion of six weeks of publication
  • Prepare Certificate of Publication
  • File Certificate of Publication with Secretary of State
  • Obtain Filing Receipt of Proof of Filing

Get your New York LLC started today!