Certified Copy of Corporate Documents

A certified copy of a corporate document is a copy from the records of the Secretary of State that either has an additional page added to confirm that the copy is an official copy, or else is stamped “Certified.” There is no restriction of who can order a copy of a corporate document, nor is there any kind of time limit after filing after which it cannot be obtained. The status of the corporate is also not relevant to getting a certified copy.

In general, states charge for each document, and may also charge for each page in the filing. Thus when ordering a copy, the price may vary by the number of filings that a company has made, and also may vary by the number of pages included in each document.

A certified copy of a corporate document can be obtained quickly, usually within days.

To order a certified copy, contact us today with the company name and state, and we will get back to you with the applicable fees.