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As a non-resident, you will have to go through all the same steps as a resident, plus a few additional considerations. Begin by choosing the type of business entity that you want for your new business. Business entities are always formed under state law instead of federal law. Because each state makes its own laws, the specific rules and requirements are different from state to state.

We offer services to ensure that the correct documentation is prepared and submitted for approval.

Non Residents

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Begin by choosing the type of business entity that is right for your new business. Next, choose a state of incorporation.

Every state requires a registered agent to represent the company. USA Corporate offers this vital service along with a suite of packages.


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US Residents



Our firm is owned by MBAs, not lawyers. There is no legal advice offered here, but we believe in a team approach, and frequently recommend the services of the many lawyers and accountants that we work with.

By working as a team, and educating our clients, everyone benefits with lower overall costs.


“As I was conducting research on setting up a US company, USA Corporate Services was the only site that provided me with such a detailed response. I was able to get answers and explanations for my questions. They helped me decide what type of company I should form. My company was formed very quickly as they promised. I would definitely recommend USA Corporate Services to those who want to form US companies, especially to non residents because they really help you.”

Darren Waite - Frontier Distribution USA inc. Australia